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Annuities represent the hope of your retirement planning goals; namely, to provide a safe stream of income for the rest of your life upon retirement. After working to provide a secure retirement the last thing you want is to suffer loss of retirement savings due to market downturn or to run out of money before you die. At the same time you want to maximize growth potential. If this describes you, an annuity might be the best option for you.

What are the Benefits?

Protection from market downturns:

Because your principal  is not invested in the market, downturns or recessions will not diminish the value of your account. During economic storms you can rest easy knowing your principal is safe.

Strong growth potential:

Annuities are continually evolving. Carriers continue to add new indices to their products based on past gain performance. The indices available in annuity products can protect your principal and offer substantial gains.

Income you cannot outlive:

The Lifetime income benefit rider is an additional feature that may be purchased in conjunction with certain types of annuities. The rider guarantees income payments for as long as that policyholder is alive. This feature is designed to provide more financial security with annuities and is often a useful instrument to get more out of an annuity investment. With other riders and variations, it may also be possible to issue an annuity’s  remaining balance to surviving beneficiaries.


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